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the team.

In May 2018, after months of planning, preparing and construction work, we braved the nerves and opened our doors of our strength and fitness centre with the hope that people in Ulverstone begin moving their bodies more!

In September, 2019 we decided to expand our services to meet the needs of our members with the growing desire to train in a group environment. We took over the iconic Ulverstone Top Video store after their closing, we revitalised the building to become the place we now call our Functional Centre. 

We have already helped over 1000 local people experience or pursue progress with their health and fitness and we cannot wait to continue creating opportunities for people to live a healthier and more functional lifestyle. 

We love educating, inspiring and training with our local community. With consistency our facilities can change the way you live life and we truly hope our spaces allow you to grow, be happy and love life as much as we do! Move more, Be happy, Stay balanced… 

- Brent & Danielle 
team, 2020
Danielle Founder, Manger

Founder, Manager

In 2014, I graduated with a degree in Teaching Health and Physical Education. I was employed upon graduating and have been working full time in schools teaching young children and teenagers how to enjoy being physically active and have challenged and motivated the students I teach to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Since opening our 24/7 gym in 2018, my passion for the industry has evolved and I have recently undertaken extra qualifications to further enhance my skill set. I am now taking group classes in our new Functional Centre. I am dedicated to my own Health and fitness and am so excited to share my passion, advise and training ideas with those who train in our Functional Centre! 

Training: Spark, Intensify, Youth Burn

Georgia, Group Trainer

Group Trainer

In 2019 I completed my Certificate 3 in Fitness at Don College. I learnt many life skills and worked with a range of clients gaining a greater knowledge within the fitness industry. I find it truly rewarding to help people achieve their personal fitness goals. From a young age I participated in many sporting teams and events including, Surf Club, Slipstream Circus, Touch Football, Soccer and swim teams. As a coach at Slipstream Circus for the past 4 years I have enjoyed assisting people in developing their skills and strength capabilities. Physical activity and maintaining a healthy wellbeing is an important part of my daily routine. I am extremely excited that I am a part of the Balanced Fitness team and love sharing my passion and working with the clients who join us!

Training: Spark, Intensify, Impact

Brent Founder, Manger

Founder, Manager

In 2012, I completed my Personal Training Qualification; Cert 3 and Cert 4 in Fitness. I have always had a strong desire to help improve the fitness of others. I started off by instructing small group training session with friends and family, on the side of a full time building career. Fast forward to 2018 and I now co-manage both the Strength Gym and the Functional Centre. My growing passion for the industry has caused a career change, with me now focusing solely on group training. I love to help those of all ages get fitter, stronger and feel better about themselves!

Training: Spark, Intensify, Refresh, Personal Training for men

Kyle, Group Trainer

Group Trainer

From a young age, I have always been a keen participant of sport and have wished to pursue a career making a difference to the lives of others. When I first stepped foot into a gym environment and entered the health and fitness journey myself, I became extremely excited about the prospect of learning as much as possible in the area of health and fitness, which led to the completion of my Certificate 3 in Fitness. Since starting at Balanced Fitness in January 2020 it has given me the opportunity to contribute positively to other people’s lives which has made my role extremely rewarding. Being able to positively impact many individuals, while combining a love for all aspects of health and fitness, a career as a trainer has been my best decision yet. I look forward to the years ahead as I learn more, gain greater experience within the industry and become familiar with the many people that are a part of the Balanced Fitness community!

Training: Spark, Impact, Intensify


24 hour access

24hr Access

Train whenever it suits you best, with round the clock access day or night.

7 days a week

7 Days a Week

We are always open to you, 365 days of the year, so train whenever it suits your lifestyle. 

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Access Key

Swipe your key for entry whenever you like. The key is yours for unlimited access. 

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Personal Training

Individualised training specific to you and your goals.

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Group Training

Sign up to our functional centre and have access to 20+ group training sessions per week.

modern equipment

Modern Facilities

Train with the latest equipment in a clean and encouraging environment.

life fitness

The Life Fitness cardio equipment range is equipped with TV consoles with all the latest entertainment apps and controls.

hammer strength

The Hammer strength equipment is of the highest quality, ensuring that every movement is maximised in a safe manner. 

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